Monday, 14 January 2013

it's all about the writing - the book!

it's all about the writing is an eclectic collection of sixteen well-written, thought-provoking short stories by emerging writers Craig Henderson, Antonio Iannella, Kim Cook, Tuan Ho, Joshua Holland and myself, Emanuel Cachia.

The stories contained within cross fiction genres including Young Adult, Science Fiction, Literary, Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Humour, Mental Health and Multiculturalism. There's a little Memoir and Creative Non-fiction and other pieces that refuse to be classified so easily.

Call them what you will, there's something for everyone.

Expect to laugh and cry, giggle and weep, cringe in horror and pump your fist in triumph, often while reading a single story.

You won't be disappointed.

Available on Kindle for USD$2.99 at (ASIN B00AVS9AR0),

Hard copy for $15 including worldwide postage by emailing me - payable via PayPal or Bank transfer, and

Free to borrow via the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. For more information, visit (I receive a small payment each time it is borrowed).

Next up: an extract of Craig Henderson's short story Talking in Tongues, which won one of six $1,000 prizes in the national year of reading's 'it's never too late to learn to read' short story competition.

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