Monday, 7 January 2013

Busy times

The last few months have been busy ones. For a start, I was on the editorial panel for the thirteenth issue of Platform magazine and had my award-winning short story, Time and Time Again, published with them. 

If you would like a copy email me or Bruno Lettieri.

I produced a collection of short stories, Tales From 222, featuring pieces by Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing students.

My blog post on creating a Twitter account was published in the fourth issue of SEED magazine for 2012. Fingers crossed they'll have me back in 2013.

Another anthology I helped produce was Survival, a collection of short stories, poems and photographs by Professional Writing and Editing students. I was responsible for creating the inside page design, laying out the pieces, creating the front and end matter, liaising with the printer and preparing the electronic files according to the print spec. Thankfully, most of the editing and prrofreading was done in my Publishing Studio class. I'm really proud of this one as, even though it may never be released publicly, it is a fantastic looking book showcasing work by emerging writers, poets and photographers.

Halliday History is a 208-page family history I edited/proofread, designed the cover for and had perfect bound. I changed the format from A4 to a less formal 210mm X 260mm. This made it look less like a financial report and more like a cosy read. The 8-page index was a challenge, but I enjoyed working with the author and delivering an in-depth family history in an engaging way.

I ran two workshops on making handmade books, one at the Melton Shire's Art Beat Festival and another at the Caroline Springs College. 

In conjunction with Victoria University and Rotunda in the West, I also produced the headline event at Melton's Art Beat festival, The Storyteller's Role: a deep conversation between authors John Marsden, Michael McGirr and Sydney Smith and MC Bruno Lettieri. We had a great turnout and received some fantastic feedback from the audience and council. With a little luck, we'll see more big-name, literary authors out my way.

As part of promoting literacy in Melbourne's West, I optimised The Write Zone's Facebook page, created a YouTube channel to post clips from Rotunda in the West events and introduced one of the presenters at Rotunda in the West's My Enduring Love Affair part 2 (2.0)

And, finally, the big one: it's all about the writing, a collection of sixteen thought-provoking short stories by emerging writers Craig Henderson, Antonio Iannella, Kim Cook, Tuan Ho and Joshua Holland. A few of my stories are in there, too. Check out the Kindle version on

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting extracts from the stories and a little about them and the authors. Feel free to read the sample on Amazon, borrow it on your Kindle and, if you like what you see, buy the full ebook or email me and I'll post your hard copy for $15 (payable via bank transfer or Paypal).

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Lucia Nardo said...

No wonder you've been absent from Facebook! Sounds like it's all going well for you which is great.

Emanuel Cachia said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lucia.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with Facebook, Twitter, et al later this week, if not early next week.

Hope to 'see' you soon, too :)