Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Best Australian Writing Publication

I’d like to highlight a fantastic publishing opportunity with Black Inc. The below is from their website (http://bestaustralianwriting.com.au/ ):
"Each year the Best Australian collections – essays, stories and poems – bring together the best and brightest that has been written across the country. Selected by an eminent writer, these are collections that show the full range of writing we produce, recalling the year that has just been."

As the deadline is in two weeks (first of July), I encourage all Australian writers to submit their best piece. It can be unpublished or previously published (after the 1st of August 2010).

If you’ve written a number of essays, poems and/or short stories, you've already done the hard work. The only additional cost now is an envelope and a stamp, and maybe a little time in the queue at your local post office.

Don’t sell yourself short. My motto on submissions has always been that if you aim low, you can only hit low. Aim high and you might just hit that bullseye.

The tough decision shouldn’t be wether you submit a story; but which story you are going to submit!



Lucia said...

Hey Emanuel I'm watching your stream of comments and encouragement of others with huge delight. I expect to see your name on a book spine very soon.

Emanuel Cachia said...

Thanks Lucia.

I've noticed that in order to get into the publishing industry emerging writers need to band together and support each other through critique and mutual praise.

When I feel I don't have what it takes to be a writer, I think about becoming something easier like the Prime Minister or a physicist or a brain surgeon…