Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Announcing a special broadcast!

Tune in to the Rolling Rotunda Radio Show on 99.9FM tomorrow (Wednesday 27 November) from 11am until 2pm. Brought to you by Rotunda in the West, Maribyrnong Libraries, The Big West Fest and Mobile Radio.

Expect a lively chat between a number of talented artist (from writers to musicians, comedians to actors) who live in Melbourne's west; Rotunda MC, Bruno Lettieri; and guest presenters Michelle Fincke and Emanuel Cachia.

I will be talking about a number of my book, magazine and workshop projects, and interviewing a few of my colleges and an awesome band, The Lion Tamers.

Turn your radio dial to 99.9Mhz FM, old-school style, or stream the digital version online via http://mobileradiobigwest.com/

Read more about the Big West fest at http://www.bigwest.com.au/

We sure are a creative bunch!

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