Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Assesing my career options as a writer

The time has come to choose my subjects for next year (2012). This had raised a lot of questions, the most important being:

Q: Do I want my writing carer to focus on fiction, non-fiction, editing or production?

A: All of the above!

If only I had time to do them all ... Well I do, in the long run. But which two subjects should I do next year?

I'm thinking Novel 2 and Industry Overview 1 are musts. A possible third subject is the hard one. It's come down to a choice between Non-fiction 1 and Editing 2.


Editing 2 focuses on producing publications and working as an editor, and is compulsory. But I can do it next year...
In Non-fiction 1 I'll learn to write non-fiction (duh!). Specifically, reviews, interviews, feature pieces and maybe memoirs and a little journalism.

Editing 2 will refine my editing skills and show how a publication is put together - something I really want to see.
Whereas, Non-fiction 1 will be a great opportunity to see if I enjoy writing factual pieces as much as I like writing fiction and can handle the deadlines.

Editing 2 might be the edge I need to sell my novel and the experience I need to put together a book of short stories by local writers.
Non-fiction 1 will give me more experience as a writer, rather than an editor, and should help me to present my ideas in a logical sequence of thoughts. It might lead to a freelance career in reviewing books, games and other stuff, which I can do when I need a break from my novel...

But which will get me into a paid position quicker?

Which will I use in the long term?

And, can I handle studying four subjects next year? :)

It's VCE all over again...
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi; you're my only hope!

*Ghostly voice* ‘Trust in the force, Luke… err… Emanuel.’

I’d love to hear from current, and previous, PWE students, and welcome comments from experienced writers.

Thanks for reading,


Suellen said...

Hey Emanuel, We talked about this yesterday, and I'm still torn between the two as well. I did them both this semester (actually the Non Fic was 2, not 1), and enjoyed them equally. If you are wanting to do some freelance writing, non fic is the way to go. As you say, you can always do editing 2 the following year, and it would be better for you to have some non fic experience up your sleeves, so to speak. Plus, I'm hoping you'll volunteer for a few pieces for Seed magazine. :)


Emanuel Cachia said...

Thanks again for your advice, Suellen.

I'm leaning toward non-fiction and like the idea of writing feature articles and reviews.

As for Seed, what are you looking for? I'm working on a few short stories that might suit. Unless you're only accepting non-fiction...

I'll try to catch you on campus, or you can email me :)